The Honorable Jason Isaac

The Honorable Jason Isaac is the Director of Life:Powered at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Jason, a fourth-generation native Texan, was elected four times as the State Representative for Hays and Blanco counties in the Texas Hill Country. During his eight years of service, he successfully passed legislation to reduce taxes, strengthen election integrity, improve public education, preserve Second Amendment rights, protect local groundwater, and protect private property rights.

Energy & Environment

The Green Energy Agenda Increases Poverty. It Must Stop.

The push to ditch reliable energy is out of control. Politicians are manipulating the energy market through subsidies, tax breaks, and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives in regulations and government pensions.   It’s also concerning that the “big three” investment institutions, which collectively hold over $20 trillion in assets, too often coerce the companies in which they...

March 27, 2023
Energy & Environment

ESG investments’ failures show states are right to fight the green investing agenda

In the last two years, five states have abolished politically motivated ESG investing from state-operated pensions, and almost half of states have raised antitrust concerns that BlackRock and other ESG-focused investing firms may be abusing taxpayer dollars. ESG activists are now claiming these commonsense protections for retirees could increase costs. But the real cost of buying into...

January 25, 2023