Hello. I'm Kara Belew. 

One of the most important responsibilities we have is to make sure our kiddos are getting a good education. 

We should ask ourselves, "can they read and do math at grade level?"

Across Texas, the quality of education varies from school to school. And the truth is many children are not getting a good education.  

In fact, less than 16% of our high school students graduate college ready. 

How do we ensure our Texas schools are doing a good job for our students? How do we grade our graders?

That’s where Texas’ new A through F Academic Accountability System comes in.  

In August 2018 – for the first time – each school district will get a fair, transparent, and easy-to-understand A through F letter grade that measures how well the district is serving its students. 

The A through F System will consider many factors.

One great example is that Texas will include student growth from year to year. This will recognize the hard work of schools with high student poverty rates.

On top of that, schools with low grades will often be eligible for additional resources to help our teachers and students. 

Under this system, all of Texas will have access to information about why some schools do better than others. 

That way we can make improvements and ensure all our Texas kids get a great education.