With word that a girls’ soccer team in Oregon caught an often fatal virus-from a reusable shopping bag-will the City of Austin reconsider their pending ban on one-use bags?

When the Austin City Council passed the bag ban at 2 AM on March 2, approved with the good intentions of saving the planet, the lawmakers likely didn’t consider the full range of unintended consequences, such as:

1. Increased water and energy use from people washing germ-laden reusable grocery bags

2. Increased illness in the general public from people not washing germ-laden reusable grocery bags

3. More sick days from Austin residents struck down with food-borne illness due to germ-laden reusable grocery bags

4. Increased global warming emissions due to the importing of made-in-China reusable bags, made with coal-fired electricity at Laogai forced labor camps, over made-in-America plastic or paper    bags

I’m glad we do our grocery shopping outside of Austin city limits…