Foreign corruption is spilling over into Texas and has become a threat to the state. Texas is the second most diverse state in America, with a blend of different nationalities, cultures, languages, and religions. However, its massive stretch of border with Mexico and many business transactions with other countries have left a door open for dirty money to come into the state, and Texas has unfortunately become an appealing place for corrupt foreign nationals to come and enjoy their wealth. Texas should create a list that tracks and monitors corrupt actors doing business in the state of Texas. Texas is in the best position, and under the strongest incentives, to hold those who take the path of corruption accountable and shine a light on them if they are undermining the rule of the law (Treviño, 2022a).

Texas should act in three ways to hold those suspected of significant corruption:
• Sanction them financially.
• Limit their access to Texas state universities.
• Prevent Texas government from contracting with businesses linked to people on the list and prevent state pension
funds from investing in those businesses.