The 2024–25 Conservative Texas Budget limits the state’s budget to be passed by the Legislature in 2023 so that the average taxpayer can afford it and historic tax relief can happen.

Key points

  • Since the 2015 legislative session, the Texas Legislature has passed four consecutive Conservative Texas Budgets, defined as biennial growth in the total budget less than the rate of population growth plus inflation.
  • However, past state budget growth excesses above this rate since the 2004–05 budget show that more restraint is necessary to stop overly burdening taxpayers with higher taxes and fees.
  • The Legislature can build on its recent successes by passing a 2024–25 budget that grows spending no more than the rate of population growth plus inflation.
  • Reining in spending will ensure a sustainable budget and an opportunity for historic tax relief so that Texans have abundant opportunities to flourish.