Border Crisis Grows
What to know: As we predicted, the Biden administration’s promises about relaxed immigration enforcement have resulted in a growing crisis at the southern U.S. border.

The TPPF take: Immigration reform must begin with border security.
“During the presidential campaign, Biden promised to reverse President Trump’s strict immigration and border policies, which together with emergency travel restrictions because of the pandemic helped drive illegal-immigration levels to historic lows after a surge last spring,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “Numbers are once again increasing as conditions deteriorate in Central America.
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Direct Primary Care
What to know: In Montana, state lawmakers are again trying to legalize the practice of direct primary care, with a bill similar to one that was vetoed by a Democratic governor—twice.

The TPPF take: Montanans would benefit greatly from direct primary care.
“The Direct Primary Care model addresses many of the challenges facing primary care by reducing administrative burden and allowing primary care providers to spend more time with their patients, resulting in improved satisfaction for providers, better care for patients, and the potential to reduce costs for patients and the healthcare system,” says TPPF’s David Balat.
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It’s Launched!
What to know: TPPF has officially launched The Cannon Online, our new website for commentary and research.
“Increasingly over the last four years, conservative ideas have been held captive by leftist legacy media,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “Editors wielded their power to prevent the dissemination of our ideas and policy positions to their readers. No more. Our ideas are too important to wait on the space and sympathy of legacy news outlets. The Cannon Online is our answer with the intent of amplifying conservative writers and ideas to keep Texas Texas and America the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the world.”
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