Special: The Cannon Online Edition!!!
What to know: Celebrate with TPPF as we launch The Cannon Online, declaring our independence from legacy media. TCO is our new website for conservative commentary.

The TPPF take: The Cannon Online is an exciting new chapter for TPPF.
“Our ideas are too important to wait on the space and sympathy of a legacy news outlet,” says TPPF’s Roy Maynard. “This doesn’t mean we won’t continue to submit exclusive op-eds to the Austin American-Statesman, the Dallas Morning News, the Washington Post and others. But it does mean we no longer depend on their forbearance.”
To read our Welcome Letter for TCO, click here.

What to know: There are increasing calls for unity and civility in the political sphere.

The TPPF take: Keep in mind the goals of those now calling for civility.
“Liberal elected officials—and their allies in so many media outlets—are appealing to ‘civility’ and ‘unity’ to shut out conservative voices,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “No conservative—and no American—should fall into this trap. It’s a rhetorical bait-and-switch that will soon be used to tamp down legitimate, reasonable objections to the Biden administration’s policy agenda.”
Kevin’s latest column is up on our new website, The Cannon Online. View it here.

Executive Orders
What to know: President Joe Biden is leaning on executive orders to accomplish his agenda.

The TPPF take: Biden’s dependence on executive orders shows the Democrats’ fundamental weakness in Congress.
“President Joe Biden faces a 50-50 Senate and a narrowly divided House,” explains TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “The end result is that this Congress is likely to pass fewer bills of consequence than in the past 20 years, leaving the Biden administration to resort to rule by “pen” and “phone”—continuing the recent trend of expanding the power of the executive and of the administrative state.”
For more on Biden’s executive orders, click here.