Here Comes the Sun
What to know: Texas will begin to thaw out on Friday.

The TPPF take: Now the work begins—reforming ERCOT and ensuring that a preventable disaster like this never happens again.
“While there were mistakes made (too many planned outages, running too close to the edge Sunday night), ERCOT’s own planning document suggests this event was almost inevitable,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The only way blackouts would have been avoided is if Texas had built 10 GW of gas (or not prematurely retired coal) in the past 5 years instead of building 20 GW of wind and solar.”
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Thank You, Energy Workers
What to know: Who are the unsung heroes of the historic winter storm? Energy workers, from the drillers to the linemen.

The TPPF take: Energy workers should be celebrated by all of us—including the Biden administration, which has dismissed them and even demonized them.
“The men and women harvesting the energy we use every day care deeply about preserving our country’s natural beauty and go to great lengths to ensure the laws we have to protect the environment are followed,” says TPPF Liberty Leadership Council member Daniel Andrade. “These companies are working hard to provide America with our energy needs the right way.”
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No Filter Needed
What to Know: TPPF’s new commentary and research website, The Cannon Online, proved invaluable during this natural disaster in helping us to get the real facts out to the public—particularly on the role that renewable subsidies and ERCOT played in the massive grid failures of the past week. Facebook, for example, labeled an accurate and researched piece by TPPF’s Jason Isaac in The Federalist as fake news.

The TPPF take: The Cannon Online shows the value of not waiting on the legacy media to tell our stories.
“While every outlet from Time magazine to Bloomberg news service was downplaying the failure of renewable energy to show up when we needed it most, The Cannon Online gave our experts the ability to respond in real time to the spin,” says TPPF’s Roy Maynard. “Our research and ideas are too important to wait for the acquiescence of the legacy media.”
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