Voting Rights and Wrongs

What to know: Even as we’re told that non-citizen voting is a non-issue, arrests continue to be made of non-citizens for voting illegally.

The TPPF take: Leftist non-profit groups are encouraging non-citizens to vote in our elections.

“Non-citizen voting in the United States is only possible because of loopholes in the law that left-wing organizations fight to support at all costs,” says TPPF’s Byron Fisher. “In the United States, you don’t have to prove that you are a citizen to register to vote – you just have to say that you are a citizen. But if someone already broke American law by crossing the border, why would they blush at lying on some paperwork to register to vote for candidates that will benefit their economic interests?”

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Prosperity for All, not College for All

What to know: Walmart no longer requires its store managers to have college degrees. They can earn six figures—with only a high school diploma or a GED.

The TPPF take: Smart employers hire based on skills, not degrees.

“For too long, employers viewed college degrees as a proxy indicator for a variety of both hard and soft skills,” says TPPF’s Erin Valdez. “This employer practice drives demand for degrees (a phenomenon known as ‘credential inflation’) and increases the pressure on students to enroll in (and take out debt for) bachelor’s programs. But already, at least 18 states, led by both Democrats and Republicans, have eliminated degree requirements for many state government jobs in lieu of years of experience.”

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Massive Losses

What to know: Ford is reporting that its electric vehicle division lost $1.3 billion in just the first quarter of 2024. The company is losing an estimated $132,000 for every EV it sells.

The TPPF take: The true cost of an electric vehicle is far more than just the sticker price.

“Every EV sold places nearly $50,000 in additional costs on taxpayers,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “This is according to first-of-its-kind research that a colleague and I have published. That total cost was $21 billion in 2021 — money the taxpayers would certainly prefer to have back.”

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