Second Amendment

Constitutional Policing

Noncitizen Voting, Registration, and Voter Rolls

Mail-In Ballots

Reform the Relationship Between the Texas Secretary of State’s Elections Division and the Counties

Voter Fraud

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Chapter 313: Texas Economic Development Act

Government Emergency Powers

City & County Efficiency Audits

Local Spending Limit

Community-Based Foster Care

Central Registry Reform

Reform CPS Investigation Procedures and Court Oversight

Child Welfare Efficiency Audits

The Texas Response to the Family First Prevention Services Act

Parents’ Rights, Children’s Best Interests

Corporate Welfare

Local Control vs. Local Liberty

Employment Freedom

Local Government Debt

Zero-Based Budgeting

Local Pension Reform

Severance Pay Reform

Housing Affordability

Property Rights and the Local Government Permitting Process

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Reform

Regulatory Takings

Texas Electric Grid Reliability

Energy Discrimination in Finance 

Wind and Solar Easements

Energy Subsidies

Endangered Species Act

Air Quality

Local Government Climate Policies

Water Rights in Texas

Water Supply 

Educational Flexibility for Families

Serving Students Through Virtual and Blended Learning

Encouraging Charter Innovation

Aligning Career and Technical Education With Workforce Outcomes

Seat Time and Competency-Based Education

Expanding Paid Apprenticeships Within Career and Technical Education

Welfare to Work Programs

Civic Education

Free Speech on Campus

Higher Education Affordability

Funding Public Schools for the 21st Century

Conservative Texas Budget

Property Tax Reform

Tax & Expenditure Limit

Reducing State Spending

Reducing Regulations

Economic Stabilization Fund

Supermajority Requirement to Raise Taxes

Eliminating School M&O Property Taxes

Business Margins Tax

Personal Income Tax

Public Pension Reform

State Debt

Transparency & Budgeting

Paycheck Protection

Texas Enterprise Fund

Chapter 312: Property Tax Abatements

Film Subsidies

Event Trust Funds

Pretrial Justice and Indigent Defense

Grand Jury Reform

Procedural Liberty and Asset Forfeiture

The Trial Penalty

Special Prosecutors

Juvenile Justice


Property Rights and the Texas Courts

Addressing America’s Ongoing Opioid Crisis

Price Transparency

Doctor-to-Patient Medication Program

Direct Primary Care

Medical Cost Sharing

Healthcare Professional License Reciprocity


Getting Immigration Right: Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border, End Human and Drug Trafficking, and Stop Asylum System Abuse