TPPF Conservative Texas Budget: $246.8 Billion

Texas House Introduced Base Budget: $245.5 Billion

Texas Senate Committee Substitute Budget: $244.7 Billion

The table provide an apples-to-apples comparison of amounts appropriated for the 2020-21 budget from the Legislative Budget Board’s (LBB) Fiscal Size-Up and each chamber’s 2022-23 appropriated amounts. We compare each chamber’s appropriated amounts with the Foundation’s Conservative Texas Budget (CTB) limits for state funds and all funds (state and federal) based on maximum increase of 5% in population growth plus inflation over the last two fiscal years.

We exclude from the 2020-21 budget the designated $8.3 billion in Hurricane Harvey recovery one-time expenses and $5 billion in general revenue for property tax relief, which did not go to grow government, in HB 3 from the 2019 session. Likewise, we exclude from each chamber’s version of the 2022-23 budget the $6 billion in general revenue to maintain the property tax relief in last session’s HB 3 and will exclude any one-time COVID-related funding. The exclusion of one-time expenses for a declared disaster recovery is important to not inflate the base by that amount allowing for excess spending later and to improve budget transparency.

Fortunately, the Senate’s committee substitute for SB 1 and the House’s introduced HB 1 fall below the CTB limits in state funds and all funds. This must be maintained throughout session to better match the average Texas taxpayer’s ability to pay for government spending while leaving more money in the productive private sector to let people prosper.